Producing has always been a fulfilling aspect of filmmaking for me because I get to bring content to the table as well as build a team with the best talents out there. I started my own Production company, Speed of Light Productions in 2007. My heart for Speed of Light is to bring new material and create projects that produce something powerful from within; films that Inspire, Guide, Release, and Empower. My goal is to stretch the boundaries in a truthful way. To step out of the natural box and see beyond. My first feature, Deadland Dreaming was my "film school". I always say hands-on is the best way to learn. It was an experience that pushed me to grow rapidly and also revealed skills I didn’t know I had and later learned to appreciate. I consider myself more of a creative producer and found that I love building the team first and then working alongside the editor. Watching a film come together is one of the most rewarding experiences, next to having a cast and crew screening, that I have making movies. While it can be grueling to see things that don’t work as well as you remembered on the page or on set, its worth it to see the final product when you find that the solutions end up better than you imagined to begin with. To me, this is the beauty of filmmaking and a lot of the magic happens in the editing bay. The whole process is quite surreal and something I would be remiss of if I didn’t share it with the world. I am blessed and honored to be a part of such masterful art form.

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